Announcements: MDU 2014 Pro*Am Schedule


For Immediate Release
February 3, 2014 (Indianapolis, Indiana)
– Midwest Drift Union staff announced today their plans for the 2014 Season.

“We’re very excited for this year and the many changes we will be implementing. 2014 is the fifth year for MDU and we plan on celebrating that all year.” explained Nick Swann, Head of Operations for MDU.

MDU will host a variety of events in 2014. Events will follow the established format from the past 4 years: intense practice sessions followed by a main competition. The competitions will have a Top 16 points system scored by 3 officials. As usual, at the end of the season the accumulated points will be tallied and the Midwest Drift Union Champion will be named for the year.

MDU plans on hosting events in Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, and 2 new venues to be announced in the following weeks. As opposed to the 2013 season which was a schedule of 4 events spread over 5 months, the 2014 season will be 5 events over a 7 month time span.

“MDU will be revisiting a number of tracks that we have worked with in the past as well as one or two venues that will be new to the series. We are also proud to announce our return to Detroit for our second annual Streets of Detroit in August”, stated Swann. “The biggest change this year is that we decided to discontinue our season closer at Street Life Tour. We have ended our season for the past 4 years at Zerolift’s event in Xenia, OH. We decided as a team to bring our season to a close at our home track, Lucas Oil Raceway, for a big season ending celebration. We are still very excited for SLT this year and we wish them the best of luck.”

“We’re implementing a huge amount of changes into MDU this year.” according to Jon Gilliatt, Co-Founder of MDU “Everything from basic organization to scoring and judging has gotten a makeover, and to celebrate this in addition to it being our fifth season, we’ve developed a new look for the “new” MDU.”

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