Better Know A Driver: Matt Lynch


Hello and welcome to another weekly installment of “Better Know A Driver.” This week we head to Tennessee to catch up with Matt Lynch, a hard-charging driver known for competing in both Midwest Drift Union and the State of Drift series over the past few years.

SMASHED: How did you get into drifting?


Lynch: I saw a drift event at the Import Alliance 2011 summer meet at Nashville Super Speedway and just knew that’s what I had to do with life. One year later I finally had a car worthy enough to start building. After finishing the car further and attending a few events, I moved onto the Formula Drift Pro Am series known as Midwest Drift Union.


Smashed: Do you look up to/get inspired by any of the Formula D or D1GP drivers? If so, who?


Lynch: Geoff Stoneback is a pretty big inspiration to me because I used to drive with him and got to see first hand how he came up and now see where he is standing as a driver.


SMASHED: What achievements are you trying to reach in the sport?


Lynch: I’m looking for a successful career as a driver and just keep hanging out and having good times with all my friends I meet along the way.


SMASHED: What’s your biggest motivation to get help you reach those goals?


Lynch: All my family, friends, and fans I see coming to and enjoying themselves at events. My biggest motivations have definitely come from my Dad and Nick Swann. Without them there is no way any of this could’ve even been possible. These two have believed in me from day one, pushed me and made me so mad I couldn’t even see straight, and even when I was at my worst and felt like I had lost it all, they helped bring me back up to where I’m at today. I love you guys more than you know and definitely couldn’t have done any of this without both of you.


SMASHED: What is/are some of the biggest hurdles you’ve had to overcome to get where you are now?


Lynch: Wrecking my first track car beyond repair followed by a very bad section in my life shortly after was my biggest hurdle to overcome. Pulling through it all was the toughest thing I’ve ever done but I’ve never been happier doing what I do.


SMASHED: You’ve been competing in MDU and the State of Drift series. As a driver, how does one differ from the other? What do you find the advantages of either to be, and is there an advantage to drive both at the same time over committing to just one organization?


Lynch: The two are similar but the skill levels are in two different categories. State of Drift is a good, laid back, entry level competition series to give grassroots drivers a feel on competitive driving. MDU, especially this year, has a lot more aggressive set of drivers and a lot higher skill levels. I chose to run State of Drift this year to mainly to get more seat time with some still competitive drivers and to make sure the bugs were out of the car for the MDU series.


SMASHED: What advice do you have for those just starting out in the sport?

Lynch: Manage your money wisely and just have fun with it. Don’t try and just jump on the fast track to being pro. Gain experience, advance at your own pace, and make lots friends along the way.

Quick Facts:

Age: 23

Hometown: Rockvale, TN

Current city: Murfreesboro, TN

Car (year/make/model): 1990 Nissan 240SX

Engine: Texas Speed LSX 6.7 408 Stroke

Suspension: Neo Motorsport Coils, Powered By Max arms and rear knuckles, and Driftworks Knuckles

Wheels: Cosmis XT-206R

Tires: GT Radial

Sponsors: Cosmis Racing Wheels, Canton Racing Products, NEOMotorsport, Smashed, Lynch Farms Coffey Fabrication and Race Prep, Race Connection

Years drifting: 3

Day job: Manager at Lynch Farms and Semi Driver

First drift car: RHD 240SX with SR20DET

Favorite track: Gateway Motorsport Park

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