Midwest Drift Union 2017: Round 4 Quick Recap

Noah Michaels takes win over inaugural Midwest Drift Union champion Mike Feiock in final battle; Geoff Donati crowned 2017 series champion.

Midwest Drift Union, Southeast Drift Union and U.S. Drift came together at Kil-Kare Speedway for the second annual “Bro-Am” season finale. Over the course of two days, the competition would determine the final points standings and determine who earned their Formula Drift Pro 2 license for 2018.

Finishing fourth at the final round but first overall in points for MDU was Geoff Donati, who had dominated the previous three rounds with a first place finish in each. Garrett Denton earned his license with a second place finish overall on the season, while Jonathan Hurst would lay claim the remaining license with his third place finish at the final 2017 competition.

“This is the greatest achievement of my life,” Donati said of his championship. “In 2013 I didn’t even know how to drive a stick, and here we are. It’s crazy what a little hard work will accomplish.”

Denton echoed a similar sentiment.

“Words can’t describe how amazing it really is,” he said of his second place finish. “Definitely did not have the expectations to come out at the first of the year with new a engine, suspension, drivetrain – basically new everything. And after a year and a half of not driving I was hoping to just podium on one event, and it just turned out amazing.”

For Hurst’s license, it came down to the decision in the very hard fought battle against Donati for third place.

“This event was the highlight of my year, ” Hurst said. “Everything’s going on in your head of how things have to work out to get your license, then getting in a big crash because I hadn’t been in one like that yet, and going to the podium today was just huge.”

That crash came during his run with Feiock, but there will be more on that later on when the full recap drops.

All of us here at Midwest Drift Union congratulate not only our podium finishers but all of the drivers who came out and drove with us this year for another fantastic season.


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