Mike Feiock Earns Pro 2 License For 2017

Alec Robbins may have clenched the 2016 MDU championship, but there were other drivers who also earned their Pro 2 license for 2017. One of those drivers was long-time MDU competitor and winner of the inaugural championship back in 2010, Mike Feiock. We take a look back at his 2016 season and his rise to second place in the overall standings.


Feiock kicked off the 2016 not in his regular car, but in his backup FC, harking back to his 2010 MDU season where he clenched the championship in the same platform.


Though not nearly as thoroughly prepared as his RX-8, the red FC proved itself early on by taking Feiock to the top qualifying spot.


Feiock followed up that top qualifying spot by moving on to top eight after knocking out Dan Nikov’s E46.


Feiock and his rotary found themselves against the turbocharged LS-powered S13 of Sam Henry, a combination Feiock admitted put him on edge.

“He’s got a turbocharged LS car and I’m a little scared of those,” Feiock said. “It was fine when everybody had LS’s but now everybody’s boosting them and it’s getting a little hairy.”


That win saw Feiock paired with Geoff Donati in a rematch of a battle from round three the year before in Ohio, with the FC continuing its climb up the ranks.


The finals pitted Feiock against Steven Fishel, with the MDU O.G. taking home the gold and also positioning him with 13 point lead over Donati going into the second round.


And it was at round two the RX-8 would be back in action, making its 2016 season debut. Feiock kicked off the second event with a win over his car’s predecessor driven by Stu Kelly in top sixteen.


In yet another rotary vs. LS fight, the the 2010 champ did battle with the 2015 champ Dirk Stratton, with Feiock putting the Corvette on the trailer and advancing to final four.


Unfortunately for Feiock, mechanical gremlins surfaced and his alternator decided enough was enough, ending his day early. The fifth place finish now set Feiock back to second in points, five behind new series leader Alec Robbins.


The pesky alternator was fixed by the third round, and Feiock came out swinging, needing to make up points after the podium-less finish at Indy.


Despite wet and rainy conditions, Feiock once again found himself as top qualifier.


Feiock once again began rising through the ranks, defeating Ali Ahmed’s FC in top sixteen before eliminating round two winner and MDU newcomer Noah Michaels in the great eight.


In his final four battle against Matt Lynch, Lynch’s S13 went high into the first turn and suffered severe damage after impacting the wall. This put Feiock in the finals against the then-current points leader, Robbins.


Ultimately, the rookie would knock out Feiock, but would equalize their points with the two tied for first heading into the final round.


Feiock got off to a good start, qualifying first for the third time this year.


With a low driver turnout prompting only a top eight bracket, Feiock once again found himself against Donati, but this time, some mistakes on Feiock’s part cost him the chance to advance, solidifying him with second place overall on the season and a Pro 2 license to go along with it.


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