No-Star Bash 2017

Continuing its summer tradition of hosting one of the largest drift events in the region, the Midwest Drift Union returned to one of its staple tracks to host the 2017 iteration of No-Star Bash. The two day, non-competition event brought drivers from the Midwest and beyond to Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio, where MDU also plays host to a round of pro-am competition as well as Back To Basics grassroots events.

Heavy rains rolled through the area early that Friday morning and stuck around through most of the day, setting the start time to 4 p.m. With occasional sprinkles and drizzle, the show, albeit quite wet, would go on.

With a prime opportunity to go sliding without burning through tires, drivers navigated water hazards and mud drops to maximize seat time. Chris Moody didn’t seem phased in his S13 ‘Vert.

Former MDU champion and veteran Mike Skudlarek had his old pro-am car out sliding around. It’s always nice to see some of the older cars back out there, with that extra nostalgic value for those who have followed the series since for years.

By the time the rain had really passed, the lights were on and the sky turned weird colors. Dirt, er, mud drops had dirtied up the track, and if a driver’s car was clean before hand, it definitely wasn’t now.

By Saturday morning, the rain was gone, the track was dry, and everyone was in much better spirits.

It didn’t take long for tandem trains to start up, with Rolando Alfaro leading this particular charge.

Nick Swann posted up at grid to keep a steady flow of drivers on track, while offering advice and encouragement to drivers to help them improve. With no competition aspect, No-Star Bash is the perfect opportunity to practice without pressure.

Though MDU hosts a round of competition at Kil-Kare nearly every year as the season finale, the layout being ran for No-Star Bash wasn’t the pro-am layout, but a reverse layout used for Back to Basics events. It’s a more friendly configuration for newer or less experienced drivers, without as much risk of a major wall hit.

But that didn’t mean the day wouldn’t be without an incident or two. The biggest hit of the weekend went to Cory Misko, who snagged the wall with the back of his BMW, also breaking the front wheel and wrinkling the quarter on the driver’s side.

Though his initial assessment was that the car was a total loss, later inspection revealed there was no major structural damage, and it’s possible the car will be back in action in the future.

You can see his car in tandem train action before its day-ending meeting with the wall.

Aside from a great number of drivers who don’t compete in the pro-am setting, several MDU drivers, past and present, were in attendance.

Dan (Of All Trades) Perlenfein was out making passes in his SC.

Round one winner and current points leader Geoff Donati was putting on a show.

As was round one runner-up Garrett Denton, who is already proving a force to be reckoned with this year.

Adam Ouziel used to be a regular at our events, and still pops up from time to time, usually at Kil-Kare.

Mike Skudlarek was back out in the dry on Saturday to stir up memories of years gone by. His car suffered a blow to the wall during Street Life Tour here a few years back, and it was good seeing him driving again. He currently serves as an MDU judge.

And of course it wouldn’t be an Ohio event without the Dayton Boys, with Josh Craig, Brian Waggoner and JP Hunnicutt, respectively.

Tandem trains continued well into the evening hours. While some were more messy than others, somehow almost everyone avoided crashing into each other.

But of course, the solo run option was always there, especially in B group, for drivers who either weren’t caged or weren’t 100% comfortable on running door to door.

At the end of the day, there were a lot of cars looking a little rougher than when they weekend began. Justin Hoitsma’s Cressida looked better when it was one piece, but there’s something to be said for the way a car looks after it’s been pushed to its limits.

When it comes down to it, No-Star Bash is really just one big party with friends who share a common interest. Though Kil-Kare played host for 2017, the Bash has previously been held at Gingerman Raceway, Gateway Motorsports Complex, USA International Raceway and Lucas Oil Raceway Park, so there’s no telling where the party will head for 2018.


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