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What an amazing Fourth of July weekend at the Indianapolis Speedrome! Two days of pure seat time with a competition each day. The 3rd saw an epic Pro-Am competition, the 4th, a surprisingly tight race between amateurs to win a cage by BD Racing. Everyone in attendance were witness to a great weekend of drifting. Saturday night, several drivers, lead by Bill “Highlife” Cook, put on a show before the fireworks lit the track up for all the fans that packed the stands. People got rowdy as soon as Kris Hackenson roared the drome with the sounds of his LS V8 powered S14.

Saturday’s activities consisted of an hour and half of practice for each group and then qualifications right after. The drivers were doing so well, they were making the Midwest Drift Union Judges stay on their game to decide on the top 8 for the day. After a difficult round of competition, here are the top 8 for Round 3 of the NOS Midwest Drift Union Pro-Am Series.

Josh Holt
Mike Feiock
Bill Cook
Mike Skudlarek
Kris Hackenson
Brian Vrchosticky
Ryan Nalezty
Caleb Nichols

Right after the competition, CMWerks drivers and the Chicago posse threw an amazing demonstration to end the day; Juan Marquez, John Johnson, Kris Hackenson, and Brian Vrchosticky. Going into Round 4 at Gateway International, it’ll be real interesting to see who will win themselves a Formula D license, and who will be on the road to Pro-Am Nationals later on this year.

It didn’t end there.

Sunday, the drivers once again got on track for more practice with a new track set up, and some open tandem practice. A friendly, amateur driver competition ended the day with head organizer Edgar Sarmiento, Brad Foy, Mike Feiock, Brian Vrchoticky, and Formula D license driver Derek King as judges. It was a surprisingly close competition with four main contenders after the qualifying runs.

After more impressive driving, it came down to Josh “Koopa” Clay, and Danny Thompson in his radtastic SC300. With a couple super-clean runs, Danny just edged out Josh for the win. As the winner of the cage (provided by BD Racing, things just got serious for Danny!