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I have to say that sleep is probably one of the most important things an event organizer or anyone in  general should consider before a long day at any racetrack, especially if it’s going to be about a million degrees outside.

This past weekend I totally ran on about 30 minutes of sleep before helping run the NOS Midwest Drift Union Round 4 event at Gateway International Raceway. Myself along with TR, Jorge, Jon, and Mark Lenardon arrived at the track about an hour before all the drivers were “suppose” to show up to start getting everything set up. The city of St. Louis for some reason decided that they needed to start construction this weekend on a bridge, so there was a huge delay on some drivers showing up on time because of a detour no one could seem to figure out. Besides that we got everyone to pass tech with the help of Adam and TJ from Zerolift. Both of them along with the rest of the staff were super awesome making everything run super smooth and fast.

Right on schedule we were able to get our first drivers meeting out of the way and get the tracking going hot for our morning practice sessions. Usually, at all of our events we run the track hot all day. I don’t believe in none of that “lunch break” stuff. Drivers pay to drive, which also explains when I am telling people to “hurry” up. The more seat time the better.

Steve Angerman came out to visit and hangout all the way from New Jersey. One of the coolest dudes ever!

This Gateway event was part of our Formula-D Pro-Am Series which meant we did have to take care of some business and run a qualification and a top 8 bracket. All of the drivers were doing amazing, and judging was not that easy. It was exciting seeing all the guys drive super hard during tandem. This was probably one of the funnest times I have had running an event and hanging out with my friends and family.>

Lets not forget the winner of the series and event Mike “T2” Feiock. He simply had all  of the ingredients this year to earn the win and receive a Formula-D license for 2011. We all love you and wish you the best of luck buddy.

I would like to thank all of the DriftSTL staff, Koopa and all of my Control Freak bros for making me feel so welcomed while visiting your fun city.

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