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Round Two. Midwest Drift Union. 2011 from Mark Lenardon on Vimeo.

An interesting aspect of the track at Auto City Speedway was the lack of any type of barrier along the embankment of the first turn, which saw drivers Robert LeMay, Anthony Covey and Nick Thomas (who is currently sitting third in the points standings) careen up and over and into the foliage and water on the other side.

Third place went to Adam Ouziel, who had been absent from round one.

“I got lucky, my first practice was when the rain just had stopped, and it was patchy, wet and dry, so it sucked at first, as you have grip and all of a sudden it slips,” he said. I was spinning around like crazy, but it dried up and it wasn’t a problem after that.”

Second place went to round one’s winner Kris Hackenson.

“I played with a little bit of tire pressure, and found my motor was loose in there that was causing some issues,” Hackenson said. “After we figured it all out it turned out to be good. It was a good day. I was super happy. I was just trying to do the best I could as always.”

Bill Cook took home first, after having consistently laying down fast runs all day.

“The morning was stupid,” Cook said, referring to the soaking wet track. “It was stupid, stupid slick. It was a lot harder for the higher powered guys; they had a hell of a time trying to drive.”

After round two, Hackenson led the series with 63 points, Cook was in second with 55, and Thomas sat in third with 48.