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Round three saw MDU return to Indiana, this time at Lucas Oil Raceway. Unlike Michigan, the skies were clear and temperatures hovered in the mid-90s.

This track marked the first time this season drivers had to turn right instead of left into the first corner, a long fourth-gear sweeper before getting having to get hard on the brakes for a near-90 degree turn, something that proved challenging for many drivers.

Leading in points when the day started was Kris Hackenson, who got a DNF when mechanical issues under the hood caused him to stop early.

Scoring his highest qualifying position and first podium finish was Cody Grim in third place.

“It was a fast track and was actually one of the better tracks I’ve ever ran,” Grim said. “I didn’t think my car would hold together on this track, but I mean, it’s slick, it’s fun and fast so I had a great time.”

Second place went to Bill Cook, which also put him on top of the leader board. A few mechanical issues caused him problems during the day’s event, and on the last run of the day, he experienced a hard driver’s side door impact after sliding into a concrete barrier.

“When I went up against Brian (Peter), I noticed the clutch wasn’t right,” Cook said. “He took off, he left me, and I felt like it was really messed up but I tried to do the best I could. So when I led, I knew he already had me beat, so I went out and just threw it down as hard as I could, and it didn’t work. It didn’t work and I ended up in the wall. The chassis looks like it’ll be okay – we’ll take some sledgehammers or 4x4s or something to it and bend it back out and be back for round four.”

Brian Peter took first place, marking the first time he had both qualified and finished first at the same competition.

“Entry was pretty awesome, like a fourth-gear on the wall and then it’s really really heavy on the brakes and it’s kinda tricky to get the downshift to third,” Peter said. “Once you get through the first corner, the rest of it isn’t too bad at all. The whole trick is staying really wide up on that wall, otherwise you kinda go in at a diamond shape instead of a big arc and you slow down too much and get pinned in there.”

Current points standings have Cook in the lead with 83, followed by Hackenson in second with 63, just one point ahead of third place Nick Thomas, who also experienced mechanical issues.

The next event (Round 4) will be hosted in conjunction with Tennessee Drift at Nashville Super Speedway on the Road-course on August 21, 2011. More information will be provided very soon.