Throwback Thursday: Midwest Drift Union 2010 – Round 4


This is the first of a new bi-weekly series featuring my coverage of events from back in the early days of Midwest Drift Union. A lot of you guys who I’ve known since the early days know a lot of this coverage was originally posted at OMGDrift, before moving to SMASHED in 2015 and ultimately, here. So hop on board the memory train, where we revisit the first round of MDU I attended at Gateway in 2010.


If you’re reading this and were at round one this year, you know full well the garage area wasn’t nearly this clean and organized.


This was only the fourth drift event I had attended and the first that wasn’t in a parking lot (which explains why there’s a lack of variety in the shots). Back in the day when DriftSTL still had a forum, I had messaged Edgar concerning media credentials. I had no outlet, no idea who anyone was, but I had a Canon 50D, a borrowed 70-200 f/4 and the hope that my shooting this event might get me somewhere with future events.


Few cars in the series have ever looked as rough as what was left of Austin Barron’s S14.


And few cars have looked better than Rob Perecko’s Chaser, the only car of its type to have ever entered one of our events.


Steve Angerman came all the way from New Jersey to throw down, but has not been seen at an MDU event since.


Charles Litterst was another driver who has not made an appearance since.


Brian “Nackers” Vrchoticky had a 350Z featuring a supercharger with an unmistakable whine that could be heard from the time he floored it off grid.


Kris Hackenson and his S14, “Blackbeard,” were fan favorites. He finished the 2010 season in fifth place, rallying up to fourth in 2011 before exiting the series and making one appearance in 2013 at Indy. Though the car is no more, there’s been talk that he’ll one day return to the series.


Dan Sommer was driving this S14 back in the day. He would eventually go on to earn his Formula Drift license through our series in 2014.


Mike Skudlarek was shredding that day. He would go on to compete in Formula Drift the following year, before making a return to the series in 2013 and securing another FD license. You can find him now at our events as 1/3 of the judging staff, and heading up Detroit Drifting Co, which helps put on Back to Basics drift events.


Team OneWay was routinely represented by Josh Holt…


…and Bill “Highlife” Cook, who had a very successful time during his stint in MDU. He took third place overall in 2010, second overall in 2011 and third once more in 2012.


Some drivers are still around and driving our events in 2016. Adam Ouziel has been in the same car since I first saw him.


Kyle Crangle’s car hasn’t really changed much either since then.


Cody Tobe fought his way to a second place finish in 2010, dropping to third place in 2011, falling to 15th in 2012 and not driving the series since.


The big winner that day was Mike Feiock, who only had to battle through a top eight bracket. He would go on to be crowned the inaugural MDU champion. At round one this year, his RX-8 wasn’t quite ready for competition, and he won Gateway this year with an FC that was eerily similar to this one. At the present time, he sits on top of the points bracket with a six point lead over Alec Robbins.

As Throwback Thursday articles will be posted every other Thursday, I’ll alternate that content with Where Are They Wednesday posts, where I’ll catch up with drivers who used to be regulars in our series to see what they’ve been up to since they left.

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