Coverage: Round 5 Competition Breakdown



With snowflakes falling in the late afternoon at Gateway Motorsports Complex during what seemed to be the coldest Midwest Drift Union event in the series’ five-year history, an abbreviated competition led to Mike Feiock returning to the podium for the first time in years, and Brian Peter being crowned the 2014 series champion. Continue reading

Events: Round 5 MDU 2014 Pro*Am Series


Registration is live for the fifth and final round of the 2014 Midwest Drift Union Formula D Pro*Am Series. Round 5 takes us to one of our favorite tracks, Gateway Motorsports Park.

All drivers will need to pass the 2014 Midwest Drift Union Technical Inspection (Sunday is a Safety Inspection). If you are not at the morning drivers meeting you will not be able to drive until the second half of the day, no questions asked.

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Coverage: Round 4 Competition Breakdown


The Midwest Drift Union returned once again to Roosevelt Park in Detroit for the fourth stop on its 2014 schedule. Unique in that it is the only event of its type in the country to take place on public roads, and after a highly successful inaugural showing in 2013, there were high expectations for an even better showing the second time around, and I believe it’s safe to say there wasn’t anyone in attendance who went home disappointed. Continue reading

Announcements: R4 Results & Series Standings

2014 MDU Round 4 Competition Results

Qualification Points
Competition Points
1Andrew Lewis153550
2Wade Odrey162844
3Brian Peter122537
4Shane Whalley112233
5Rolando Alfaro102030
6Adam Daniels91827
7Steve Topping41620
8Stu Kelly31417
9Mike Feiock141226
10Dave Mesker131023
11Dan Sommer8816
12Paul Bieswenger7613
13Jakob Breeser6410
14Riley Sexsmith527
15Dirk Stratton213
16Chris Gonzalez101

2014 MDU Series Standings - Post Round 4

1Brian Peter182
2Dan Sommer123
3Rolando Alfaro120
4Steve Topping101
5Paul Beiswenger79
6Chris Gonzalez77
7Mike Feiock62
8Eric Moen61
9Mike O'Mara59
10Alex Ledbetter50
Andrew Lewis50
12Wade Odrey44
13Kyle Crangle43
14Evan Steiner42
15Hooman Rahimi35
16Shane Whalley33
17Adam Daniels27
18Zort Brown26
19Austin Matta23
Dave Mesker23
21Chance Crooks15
22Joel Johnson11
23Jakob Breeser10
24Kyle Wentz8
25Riley Sexsmith7
26Alex Huckleberry5
27Richie Clouser3
Dirk Stratton3