For immediate release:

One year after its initial announcement that it would be ceasing operations after a nine year run, the Midwest Drift Union Formula DRIFT PRO-AM series is officially returning for 2019.

After a year of hibernation and restructuring, the Midwest program will see a shift in format to better suit the needs and talents of drivers from all over the region. More details will follow as MDU moves closer to announcing its first new event.

Co-founder of MDU, Edgar Sarmiento, said he will shift his own position from back-end operations to being at the forefront of the program, and is looking forward to working with Formula DRIFT once again.

“We are grateful to be back and working with Andy Luk,” Sarmiento said of his partnership with the director of operations at Formula DRIFT.

The revitalized MDU program will also work closely with Brian Eggert of U.S. Drift , as well as Faruk Kugay of Sonoma Drift. Together, the three Pro-Am organizations have been hosting events for thirty years.

"I'm excited for the return of Midwest Drift Union to lineup of Formula DRIFT PRO/AMs,” Eggert said. “There has always been a strong talent pool of drivers in the Midwest and it will be great to have MDU showcase their talent once again.”

As before, the grassroots Drift Indy program, itself the series that helped shape MDU years ago, will continue hosting such events in tandem with the reworked MDU series, helping build the next group of PRO-AM hopefuls.

“The MDU class of 2017 has been tearing it up in Pro 2,” Sarmiento said of Garrett Denton, Jonathan Hurst and Geoff Donati, who all earned their licenses through MDU last year. Of note, 2016 MDU champion Dirk Stratton was recently named Formula DRIFT Rookie of the Year for 2018.

Additional details will be released throughout the winter concerning the new format, dates, locations and more for the 2019 season.