Announcements: Round 3 Results & Series Standings

2015 MDU Round 3 Competition Results

PositionNameQualification PointsCompetition PointsTotal
1Mike Feiock163551
2Troy Manners152843
3Andrew Lewis142539
4Dirk Stratton122234
5Nick Thomas92029
6Devin Callahan71825
7Rob Carlsen131225
8Garrett Denton61622
9Shane Whalley111021
10Riley Sexsmith41418
11Paul Beiswenger10818
12Cody Grim8614
13Hooman Rahimi549
14Austin Matta325
15Stu Kelly213
16Sam Henry101

2015 MDU Series Standings - Post Round 3

1Dirk Stratton91
2Mike Feiock72
3Andrew Lewis64
4Shane Whalley63
5Riley Sexsmith61
6Nick Thomas59
7Rob Carlsen53
8Austin Matta45
9Troy Manners43
10Charlie Quatmann40
11Jonathan Nerren37
12Chris Gonzalez36
13Stu Kelly34
Devin Callahan34
15David Mesker28
Matt Waln28
17Jeremiah Muniz27
18Sam Henry25
19Conner Huppert24
20Garrett Denton22
21Chance Crooks21
22James Blair20
23Daniel Stuke18
Rolando Alfaro18
Paul Beiswenger18
26Michael Tung16
27Steven Fishel15
Ricky James15
29Cody Grim14
30Daniel Nikon12
31Hooman Rahimi9
32Jakob Breeser6
33John Hutchinson3

Events: Round 4 2015 MDU Pro*Am Series


Sunday October 11th, 2015

Streets of Detroit (Facebook Event Link)


Drivers Cap:
All Midwest Drift Union Pro Am events will have a driver’s cap of 50 drivers per event. If you do not register on time you will not be permitted to compete.

Event Format:
This is the final round of the Midwest Formula D Pro AM Series. All drivers will need to pass the Midwest Drift Union technical inspection and make sure to follow and read the rulebook. If you are not at the morning drivers meeting you will not be able to drive until the second half of the day, no questions asked. Everyone must execute event waiver before entering event venue.

Technical Inspection:
Technical inspections will need to be done at an “authorized” Midwest Drift Union hub prior to a Pro Am round. The Midwest Drift Union staff will be double checking any drivers necessary on day of the event. If the car does not meet tech requirement you will be unable to participate the event and absolutely no refunds will be given back for violation of the technical rules. Safety is our main priority.

Drivers Event Info:
Event Format / Judging
MDU Rulebook
Technical Inspection Form

Formula D Pro AM Reward:
All competition drivers are expected to drive the complete Midwest Drift Union season. The season has been spread out so that every driver can make each any every event including this final round at Gateway Motorsports Park. The night of the final round an awards ceremony will take place to award the best drivers of the season. The top three placing driver(s) of the series will be rewarded with a Formula Drift Pro 2 License.

Drivers Event Schedule:
08:00 AM – Gates Open (Drivers Load In – Technical Inspection)
09:00 AM – Mandatory Drivers Meeting
10:00 AM – Group A
11:00 AM – Group B
12:00 PM – Group A
01:00 PM – Group B
02:00 PM – Group A
02:30 PM – Group B
03:00 PM – BREAK – Competition Drivers Meeting
03:30 PM – Qualifications

Drivers Cost:
Early Registration: $225.00


Spectator Information:

Tickets: $10 Pre-Sale Below / $15 at the Gate – 10 and Under Free

The Final Round of the Midwest Drift Union Formula D Pro*Am Series returns to one of our favorite road courses, Gateway Motorsports Park. Gateway is a fast and fun course just outside of St Louis. These are the best drivers in the Midwest competing for their chance at the professional level. The top three placing drivers of the series will be rewarded with a Formula Drift Pro 2 License.

10:00AM – Spectator Gates Open & Practice Sessions Begin
03:30PM – Qualifications
08:00PM – Venue Closes

Come Prepared: For the best experience, be sure to bring comfortable folding chairs, umbrellas, coolers/drinks/food/snacks (NO GLASS BOTTLES), pop-up tent, sunscreen. Anything to make for an awesome day outdoors! Please bring a trash bag to clean up after yourself, or use the venue trash receptacles.

Midwest Drift Union events feature an open pit, so feel free to check out all the cars, and be sure to visit Vendor Row (you’ll walk right passed entering the venue). Once you’ve signed the waiver and received your wristband, you may come and go as you please via the ENTRANCE during the event (do not tear or lose your wristband, as you need to pay for another for re-entry).

Pre-Sale tickets are available online for $10 or at the gate for $15. You’ll have the choice of a standard ticket, or a “selfie” ticket that requires you to download the TICKETLEAP app. For the quickest service, be sure to have your ticket ready or TICKETLEAP app open and ready to display your “selfie” ticket at the ENTRANCE. Once you’ve signed the event waiver you’ll receive your event wristband.

Please see the venue map.  Ticketing & Spectator gate open at 10am. You’ll be directed to the parking area, and proceed on foot through the under-track tunnel to the venue.

Venturing into resctricted areas will result in immediate removal from the venue for the remainder of the event. Any activity or behavior deemed unsafe by MDU Staff or venue Security results in immediate removal from the venue. No refunds will be given. We assume no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage. Obey all rules or be subject to eviction or possible prosecution.

Note: Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Announcements: STREET LIFE TOUR Schedule / Drivers List



This is the official “drifting” schedule for the 2015 Street Life Tour event.  Schedules are always subject to change and please pay attention in the pits for mandatory drivers meetings.

4:00-5:00 pm Tech Inspection
5:00-5:30 pm Group A
5:30-6:00 pm Group B
6:00-6:30 pm Group C
6:30-7:00 pm Group A
7:00-7:30 pm Group B
7:30-8:00 pm Group C
8:00-8:30 pm Group A
8:30-9:00 pm Group B
9:00-9:30 pm Group C

8:00 am Gates Open
8:30 am Tech Opens
9:30 am Tech Closed (Until 1 pm)
9:30 am Drivers Meeting
9:30-10:00 Group A
10:00-10:30 Group B
10:30-11:00 Group C
11:00-11:30 Group A
11:30-12:00 Group B
12:00-12:30 Group C
12:30-1:00 Lunch (Comp Tech Drivers who did not already)
1:00-1:30 Comp Driver’s Meeting / Additional Tech Time
1:45-3:15 Competition Qualifying
3:30-3:45 Driver’s Meeting / Top 16 Announced
3:45-5:30 Top 16 Tandem Practice
5:30-6:30 Break / Stage Top 16 Cars in Pit Area
6:30-7:00 Top 16 Ceremony
7:00-8:00 Competition Top 16
8:00-9:30 Competition Top 8
9:30-10:00 1st , 2nd , 3rd Ceremony

Coverage: R2 Streets of Detroit 2015


The Midwest Drift Union once again returned to Motor City last weekend for the third running of the world famous Streets of Detroit event. Drawing drivers from all over the country and Canada, the event promised to be the most popular event the series has ever hosted. Not only was the promise kept, but the bar has been raised even higher.

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